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The Initiative

When our memory starts to fade and we begin to search for our words, it provokes strong emotional reactions, very often internalized, and too often ignored. It saddens us, upsets us, and challenges not only us, but also the families and caregivers of those affected by Alzheimer’s.

In 2018, my father was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 78. In very good general health, with a full life enriched with a formidable gift of discernment, his mind began to fail him, and thus began his decline. Symptoms that we thought impossible for such a strong man set in and rapidly degraded his daily life at a stage that had been reserved for rest and serenity.

The idea of driving support to overcome the difficulties of this disease came logically. Our aim is to: 1) raise community awareness of Alzheimer’s, 2) promote early prevention through best practices in health and wellness, and 3) to ultimately beat Alzheimer’s and all dementia related diseases.

Le Projet

The Project

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The Sport and Health Initiative "5 Ironmans to Beat Alzheimer’s" is a non-profit organization launched in 2023. The association is planning 5 major events in Switzerland and across Europe in 2023-24 with 2 main missions:

1- To raise awareness about neurodegenerative disease by making a documentary movie about Alzheimer's filmed along the 5 Ironmen race. Focus on hope: early diagnosis and treatments. We'll be meeting with Alzheimer's researchers, medical staff, patients, caregivers and Tech solutions across Europe during each of the Ironman races in 2023-24. Movie Director: Adrien Rivollier ( 

2 -To raise prevention by organizing conferences about sport and health across high schools in Switzerland and schools in each of the 5 Ironman races in EU. 

Race Agenda

👉🏼Switzerland: July 2023          

👉🏼Portugal: October 21st 2023 

👉🏼France: June 16th 2024

👉🏼Sweden: August 17th 2024

👉🏼Spain: October 2024



Hassan Fadli


Ironman Competitor


Adrien Rivollier

Movie Director

Birgitta Martensson

Ex Director Alzheimer Switzerland


Thomas Roos

Ex Professional Triathlete

Scientist & Entrepreneur

Mya Taillard

Student I caregiver

DSC04419-3 - Copie (2).jpg

Mathieu Kartheuser

Triathlon Coach

Dr Lavinia Alberi

Alzheimer Research advisor

Veronique Lugrin

Physical & psychological preparation

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-19 at 09.55.11.jpeg

Oliver Murray

Préparateur Vélo, mecano

Didier Duruz

Etude posturale - Vélo

Le Projet



Partners - your participation is essential to reach the greatest possible step in this collaborative project. 

We would love you to be part in this journey to whatever contribution you may be able to help us making this extraordinary initiative a better success.


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© 5ironmansbeatalzheimer 2024

Next conferences:
Alzheimer Disease International - Krakow 24.04.2024
Alzheimer Geneva - Geneva 29.05.2024
Université de Nice, Ville de Nice - Nice 12.06.2024

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